Outlook vba move email to folder based on subject



Outlook vba move email to folder based on subject




Here is what the inbox looks like (where Aqua-Net, Microsoft, Philipps and Sony are the clients and the numbers 20345, 20389, etc are the ref#s): The subject lines look like this: Ref#20345 - Aqua-Net - Customer Satisfaction Email - FR. RE: Ref#20389. It's my first post in this group. this means I'm newest in VBA programming. I want one macro for Outlook that moves one email from inbox to one inbox subfolder based in some subject words. I do the following code that I think work, but I don't know how to call the procedure "Move Mail" /vba Sub MoveMail(Item As Outlook.MailItem) With Item. Moving emails to a folder based on the sender: Sign into Outlook and select and email sent by the relevant sender. In the search bar, type 'rule'. When the option for 'Rule' appears, hover the mouse over it. From the drop down menu, select 'Always move messages from:'. Select the folder you want to move the emails from this sender to.. Set oFolder = Application.Session.



Search: Outlook Vba Move Email To Folder Move Folder Outlook To Vba Email dly.sitiweb.biella.it Views: 10755 Published: .07.2022 Author: dly.sitiweb.biella.it Search: table of content Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6. Now select Check messages after sending and then click Next. In the next window, set an account name for "via account" and now you have to select an account in the rule.

Outlook vba move email to folder based on subject


Outlook vba move email to folder based on subject

Return value. An Object value that represents the item which has been moved to the designated folder.. Example. This Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example uses GetDefaultFolder to return the Folder object that represents the default folder. It then uses the Find and FindNext methods to find all messages sent by Dan Wilson and uses the Move. Im trying to create a VB macro to move emails from one folder to another based on a set of criteria in the subject line (current code at bottom) Folders Source - Outlook.Session.Folders("Mailbox - Change Management").Folders("inboxtest").Items Destination. private sub application_itemsend(byval item as object, cancel as boolean) if typeof item is outlook.mailitem then savesentmail item end if end sub private sub savesentmail(item as outlook.mailitem) dim inbox as outlook.mapifolder dim subfolder as outlook.mapifolder if item = "nikolino" then set inbox = application.session.getdefaultfolder(5).